East Kelowna 2024/25 availability update

June 2024

We are currently at capacity. We have finished scheduling our new enrollments for 2024/25. We are already at capacity going into September 2024 with no scheduled availability between then and August 2025. When spaces become available in the 3-5 year programs they are typically filled with existing families (children) that are aging out of our under 36 month program between September and August of each year.

If any spaces do come available for September 2024 we will be working with requests we received in the second half of 2021 (or earlier) and possibly early 2022 at the latest.

We will be working on September 2025 schedules between April and June 2025.

Due to the number of families on our waitlist, only families that we potentially have space for, have been, or will be contacted.