West Kelowna availability update for September 2023

Currently we are working on what we have available for September 2023 at this location. We will be reaching out to families that we have space for as soon as we can. With the demand of day to day operations it is hard to say when we will get to finalizing the schedules. We would like to know ASAP just like you 😉

It does appear that we are already at capacity in our 3-5 years programs for September 2023 to August 2024.

Due to the number of families on our waitlist, only families that we have space for will be contacted. It is unlikely we will get to any requests that we received later than Dec 2021 early 2022 best case… It will be 2024 before we are looking at requests received in 2022.

Please go to this link to provide feedback to the province – https://childhoodconnections.ca/advocacy/ Due to the current political environment towards private daycares all plans for expansion or to create additional spaces are on hold.