Rates 2024/25

(Effective May 1st 2024)

Under 36 MonthsUnder 36 Mths
per wk
Parent pay Amt
2 days$640$-360$280
3 days$905$-540$365
5 days$1370.00$-900$470
Over 36 MonthsOver 36 Mths
per week
Parent pay Amt
2 days$465$-218$247
3 days$655$-327$328
5 days$989$-545$444
*BC-CFRI = British Columbia Childcare Fee Reduction Initiative

Our hours are: Mon – Fri 7:30am – 5:30pm

We are closed: All statutory holidays, 6 additional days in December(Christmas Break), Easter Monday, 4 additional days in August (following the BC day Stat holiday) and a policy review day in the Fall. Our rates are averaged over the calendar year for 12 equal payments, discounts for closures are already factored into the monthly rate. Sorry to say we do not offer sibling discounts.


For 12-35 Months: We are working with requests received 12-18 months ago for spaces coming available in the next 4-6 months (So up to a 2 year wait). If you are looking for space in the near future (less than six months) we are sorry to say it is unlikely we will have anything. If you are on our waitlist, we will keep you active regardless of your requested start date.

For 3yrs-5yrs old: The majority of spaces in this age group comes available in September each year, once the programs fill up, it is typically the following September before we have spaces available again.

Where am I on the Waitlist: Age, DOB, gender and days wanted/requested all go into filling spaces, it is hard to give an answer to “where you are on the waitlist”.

We have “Opted in”, BC Childcare fee reduction has been applied to all of the above rates. Search for BC Fee Reduction Initiative for more details.

We offer full day childcare only: 2, 3, & 5 days per week. We do not offer care for 1 day per week which makes 4 days a challenging option. If you requested 4 days we will notify you, if on the rare occasion 4 days come available, otherwise we will treat your request as a full time request.

If you are not on our waitlist and wish to be, please go to ftkd.ca and complete the form there it has all the details we need for when spaces come available. This is the ONLY way to get a childcare space at For The Kids Daycare.

Due to the volume of requests received, we unfortunately cannot respond to all of them beyond the auto reply sent when you complete the request form.

For security reasons tours of the facility are only done with families that we can potentially fit into the centre.

Replying to the auto response email after submitting the form at ftkd.ca is the best way to get updates on availability. Completing a new form can cause you to lose your original place on the list.